• One double bedroom
  • Modern shower room
  • Brand new development
  • Mixture of one and two beds available
  • High specification
  • Furnished
  • Ground floor flat
  • Available immediately
  • Close to the delights of Lambs Conduit St
  • Close to Chancery Lane tube station

A stunning brand new one bedroom apartment on the ground floor of this stylish new development in a great location. The apartment is 439 sq ft and has been refurbished to an excellent standard. It is a short walk away from fashionable Lambs Conduit Street to the west and the delights of Clerkenwell to the east. The apartment is fully furnished and available immediately. Interior photos indicative of another flat within the building – further photos to come.

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For information regarding all fees and charges please refer to our ‘Fees’ page in the Lettings section of our website


31 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9LA

T: 020 7477 2177

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