Apr 30th 2015


Take another little pizza my heart…


We love Pizza, who doesn’t?

In this great city of ours, we’re fortunate enough to be spoilt for choice when it comes to everybody’s favourite dough based slice of Neapolitan naughtiness. But which is the best? The debate has raged at TB_HQ for quite some time now as to who should be crowned the West End’s (literal) heavyweight champion?

Well, it’s time we settled this with a straight fight between our two favourites…


Our two contenders are, in the green corner, from Soho – PIZZA PILGRIMS

Pizza Pilgrims Logo

Named so because founders Thom & James Elliot undertook a food pilgrimage from the southern tip of Italy back to the UK in a Piaggio Ape (top speed 34 mph = 6 week journey) has, from humble beginnings at Berwick Street Market (as a mobile pizza oven in the back of aforementioned Ape) become a permanent fixture on the Soho foodie landscape with not just one, but two outlets on Dean Street & Kingly Street.

The bases are slightly doughy and elastic, like proper pizza should be (ask anyone from Naples) and the combination of toppings are sublime with just enough choice to tempt you back on a regular basis to sample them all and never get stuck with one favourite for long (current No.1 – Nduja spicy sausage paste from Calabria).  Then, theres the friggitoria – serving up little pieces of fried goodness straight out of God’s own culinary skunkworks, you have to taste to truly believe…

And in the black corner, representing Covent Garden – HOMESLICE

Homeslice Logo

Homeslice started with a desire to make interesting pizzas and a home made wood fired oven on a little trailer around the streets of East London, prior to taking up permanent residence at Neal’s Yard in 2013. The pizza’s here are an altogether thinner affair, albeit with the diameter of a flying saucer, size is clearly what matters to these guys. The toppings on offer are rather more adventurous and far from traditional, making these pies an interesting proposition for the serious pizza connoisseur. Admittedly, some may be the kind of combinations that might send shockwaves through Naples, but rest assured there’s not a pineapple chunk in sight!

To save the stress of making the right choice from the constantly evolving menu, as the name suggests, you can order by the slice, or create a combo of two on one base if you’re in the mood for sharing.

The atmosphere is equally buzzy and the staff make you feel right at home with their laid back attitude, but don’t mistake this for relaxed, the service is snappy (and needs to be as the place is rammed day and night!), and there are a good selection of craft beers, Camden Hells on tap and even draught prosecco to help wash things down.

For us, its a straight draw! Pizza Pilgrims’ traditional style straight from the motherland matching the inventiveness of Homeslice blow for blow. We’ll have one of each please…


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