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Who will you find in Soho?

Soho is the heart of London
12 May, 2021 Work

We could tell you how Soho is the heart of London, a square mile grid that defines the West End and arguably one of the best addresses for businesses, but you already know this. It is a fairly standard marketing spiel and nothing new. 

Instead, let’s draw on what is striking about Soho compared to other favoured central London neighbourhoods like Mayfair, Fitzrovia or Marylebone. Soho is eclectic, possessing numerous characters. It is not one size fits all. Soho coaxes in a sweeping demographic of individuals to dine and shop at century-old spots or to check out the area’s latest concept, like a street food vendor that has popped up at Berwick Street Market or an upcoming brand that has graced Carnaby or Berwick Street. 

Soho unanimously is all-inclusive. Everyone is welcome, and they all want to be part of the ride, and businesses need to cash in on this appeal to attract talent. Employees are as concerned about office location and environment as the actual job itself. Soho does more than tick this box as anyone working here is spoilt for choice, as let’s be frank, no one really wants to be based in an uninspiring area with no life or places to go to play after clocking off.

Recognising Soho’s vast pool of tenants, 51 Great Marlborough Street has curated four distinctive workspace styles to match, all within one building. The second floor is good to go, with its neutral pallet to attract various businesses with 52 efficiently spaced workstations. In contrast, the design of the fourth floor has creative, media, IT and young tech industries in mind, hence the town hall and collaboration areas suited to this type of work. And there’s a more refined interior design to the sixth floor aiming at more established businesses such as management consultants, a boutique financial firm or any professional company eyeing up a vibrant environment both internally and externally.

Leaving the third and fifth floors as blank canvases for occupiers who have the inclination and time to create the space exactly as they please. The team at 51 Great Marlborough Street are also on hand to design and deliver fit outs – anything is possible

Since Soho is all about choice, occupiers at 51 Great Marlborough Street have flexibility also on how their space is managed. A management service wrapper is on offer for complete hassle-free leasing. Remember Soho is limitless, and this applies to the workspace too. 

So in answer to the question, who will you find Soho? Well, everyone, of course!

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