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Shaftesbury’s Shelley Webb on International Women’s Day ’22

Shaftesbury's Shelley Webb
10 March, 2022 People

As Head of Residential & Kingly Court, there’s no denying Shelley has had a huge influence on shaping the living spaces across Shaftesbury’s West End Villages, making them such compelling places & spaces for those looking to make the West End their home.

We share many passions and not only those related to real estate! Over the years we’ve checked out many of the latest new places to shop, eat & drink (or as we call it ‘supporting the local economy’) and even shared a cocktail or two admiring the sunset when we coincidentally found ourselves holidaying on the same Balearic Isle.

Our careers have been on a similar trajectory over the years and the support Shelley and her colleagues at Shaftesbury have shown Tavistock Bow since we launched back in 2014 has been incredible. We’ve always loved working together on projects, with mutual respect and trust that allows us to easily bounce ideas around, making each and every challenge something fun to solve.

For the purposes of our series, we obviously had to combine meeting Shelley with a nice lunch, so we sat down together at the recently opened Zahter in Carnaby to talk all things IWD and what it means to her…

– What does International Women’s Day mean to you and why do you think it’s important?   

To be completely honest I find the whole idea of IWD a bit artificial as it’s a reminder that “us” women are given just one day to talk about the subjects and causes that are important. I’m all for fighting for equality and there is also a need to celebrate achievements but when we no longer need an IWD then we have won the battle. 

 – Which women inspire you and why?   

Amy Winehouse – her voice, her style, attitude and the fact that she lived her life on her terms. Her pain and heartache were evident in her songwriting and she wasn’t afraid to show this in her live performances. One of a kind.

Kris Hallenga – Co-founder of charity Coppafeel.  Kris was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer at 23 and went on to launch her charity – Coppafeel which helps raise awareness for breast cancer. Having had breast cancer myself I’m only too aware of how the treatment can strip away all the things that make us feel feminine – hair/ eyebrows and lashes/boobs/fertility. The way that Kris has dealt with her illness with a positive outlook is truly inspirational. 

Monica Galetti – Chef and owner of Mere Restaurant. Monica once said that “gender didn’t come into it. Once you put the chef’s jacket on you were a chef “ She is highly successful in a notoriously tough industry and celebrates female talent in her kitchen.

– What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Tomorrow is always a new day. This phrase has become a bit of a mantra to me and it really does help in both my professional and private life. If the day isn’t going according to plan the best advice is to stop what you are doing, take a break and start again the following day. 

– What are you most proud of?

Following my dreams which were to move to London, buying a property, finding a job I’m passionate about and establishing lifelong friendships along the way. 

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