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Soho’s Best Boozers

Soho's best boozers Soho
12 May, 2023 Food & Drink

The British boozer. A place for a refreshing drink and where people come together to make pubs at the centre of local communities. Soho’s pub scene is still buzzing, with many dotted across the neighbourhood with punters regularly spilling out into the streets, even in the winter.

The beauty of these Soho boozers is that they have not fallen to the hands of the gastropub, meaning their rich heritage and culture continue to shine through today. They are the perfect pitstop for a drink after work, before dining at one of Soho’s many restaurants or ahead of watching a West End performance.

The Coach & Horses

Sadly, there is no room to park your coach or horses outside this public house, partly as drinkers regularly occupy the pavement outside what is considered one of Soho’s most famous boozers.

The Coach & Horses

Inside wood panels line the interior of @thecoachandhorsessoho, where cask ales, beers and craft beers are poured straight from the barrel alongside wines, spirits and other non‑alcoholic drinks. This is the sort of pub where you stop for a quick pint on your way home and before you know it, the bell has clanged and time has been called. Be warned!

The Blue Posts

Other boozers share the same name as this pub on Berwick Street because legend has it that blue posts marked the boundary for King Henry VIII’s hunting ground, which once occupied Soho.

While the hunting cries of this Royal Park that gave Soho its name are long gone, all is not quiet in @thebluepostssoho where the jukebox blasts in the evening or is replaced with live jazz and blues performances. This is a fun boozer and arguably the best of the Blue Post bunch, but a quiet haven in the day ideal for a swift half.

The Sun & 13 Cantons

If you like a livelier venue to enjoy your pints, this Soho boozer is for you. A popular haunt for the after‑work crew, @sunand13cantons has a varied CV, having been a hangout for the likes of Ridley Scott before hosting music whizzes like Carl Cox and the Chemical Brothers in their basement in the 90s. Today, craft beers are served alongside cask ales in its rather contemporary interior and where food pop‑ups are also regularly hosted, meaning you can sample the latest food craze without even leaving the pub.

John Snow

A clever chap called Dr John Snow discovered in 1854 that contaminated water caused cholera outbreaks and persuaded the council to remove Broadwick Street’s water pump to limit the spread of this disease, which was rife in Soho. Such a legend that this Soho boozer was named after this local physician, although we aren’t quite sure what his favourite tipple was. Behind the Saloon etched windows is a Victorian‑esque interior with wood panelling and a rather unassuming partition separating the Public and Saloon Bars, but we suspect you’ll take a spot out on the street as most of the media punters here do.

The French House

Oh, la la, the @frenchhousesoho describes Soho as the world’s naughtiest square mile, and we quite like this. However, even if anything mischievous happened within these four walls of this Soho hangout, the no phone rule would ensure that it wouldn’t be documented anyway.

Popular amongst locals, actors and writers, the French House keeps Soho’s boho alive meaning that you’ll be too enthralled in the surrounding conversation to even consider giving Instagram a quick scroll even if you were allowed. As for the drinks, there is a vast choice of wines, as you’d expect from a French boozer and a food menu with dishes straight from the continent.

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