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Sustainable Shopping in Seven Dials

Shopping in Seven Dials Seven Dials
13 September, 2023 Lifestyle

Move over fast fashion, as slow fashion is here to stay. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword; it is a necessity as we are becoming more attuned to the resources we use and how they affect the planet.

Many retailers are taking steps to help consumers live more sustainably, with Seven Dials leading the way with many forward‑thinking brands and concepts. We have selected just a few to highlight their work and to help you on your sustainability journey.


With a motto like ‘sustainability as standard’, of course, @finisterre would feature in this guide. Sure, Seven Dials is nowhere near the beach nor the British surfers that were in mind when this brand was created.

But you don’t need to be pounding the waves to wear their range of clothing that dresses you from top to toe from swimwear to fleeces, and socks to scarves. There is a real emphasis on using recycled materials at Finisterre, plus they also offer a repair service to ensure you keep wearing their timeless pieces as long as possible.


At the opposite end of the spectrum to fast fashion is @goodshoplondon, who have set about extending the lifecycle of clothes by selling preloved items. This concept is perfect for consumers who want to avoid buying new and prefer to shop in person.

Good works alongside clothing recyclers to save clothes from ending up in landfill to make unwanted clothes a thing of the past. Their curated clothes collection includes pieces from the high street, vintage pieces and even designer items.

White Pine

We don’t use the word dreamy lightly, but this is precisely how we’d describe this Nordic‑inspired cafe‑cum‑shop in Seven Dials, where the emphasis is all on the environment. The products at @whitepinelifestyle contain only natural ingredients rather than chemicals, like their extensive range of natural and organic skincare, candles and room diffusers. This ethos continues into the cafe, where they use only eco‑friendly and compostable packaging for their super tasty smoothies and sandwiches.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard shot to fame because it housed businesses that share a love for being environmentally friendly and sustainable, like @nealsyardremedies. This modern‑day apothecary has been forward‑thinking from the outset, being the first CarbonNeutral®️ high street retailer that continues to trade sustainably and ethically to its customers, suppliers and staff. Neal’s Yard Remedies goes one step further by using renewable energy, has fundraised significantly for bee‑friendly causes, is moving towards a circular economy and was the first company to commit to a Refill Scheme

Colorful Standard

Did you know that the vibrant colours of @colorfulstandard are all made from environmentally friendly dye? And that garments are only dyed once made rather than dyeing a whole roll of fabric to reduce the resources needed to bring these amazing colours to our wardrobe? 

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard are keen advocates of sustainability. They create all their wares in Portugal, using precision laser cutting to minimise fabric waste and sell the same products year‑round at the same price to put a stop to impulse buying and mass production.

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