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The women who inspire me and why equality breeds success

Equality breeds success
12 March, 2021 People

Anne-Marie Murphy – Co-Founding Partner

I’m finishing off TB_hq’s week long #iwd2021 focus. I won’t lie, it’s been a very strange week for women (especially in London) but that doesn’t make this article any less relevant, in fact I’d argue that highlighting the importance of fairness & diversity whilst giving a shout out to women who inspire, is exactly what we need on a Friday afternoon after a tough week… #womensequality #genderequality #diversityandinclusion #women #leadership #michelleobama #gretathunberg #shoutouts #choosetochallenge

As one of Tavistock Bow’s two female founders, every year #internationalwomensday highlights many of the reasons we started the business in the first place. It was important for us to build a culture of fairness, equality and inclusivity from day one, and with these founding principles, create a working environment that encouraged and enabled our team to flourish and grow with the business, irrelevant of gender.

We felt this was a different approach to many of our contemporaries at the time, although thankfully we’re now experiencing a shift in attitudes across our sector, and not just in terms of gender equality but also positive steps in the right direction in terms of overall inclusivity (although we’re still a long way from a perfect world).

By creating an atmosphere where our team feel they can speak freely (but respectfully) without fear of repercussion, whether female or male, has allowed us to build a fun, inspiring and relaxed workplace that we believe provides a foundation for success.

There are just too many inspirational women to list – from my mother (cliche or not, she is an amazing woman!), to a friend who’s been battling cancer during a global pandemic, whilst juggling a very demanding full-time job – what a rock-star.

If I were to name a couple of names, Michelle Obama tops the list as a role model – strong, intelligent, successful, stylish and funny. She uses her status to play an important role on the global stage as an advocate for women, education, health, democracy, working with the underprivileged, whilst also giving a voice to women of colour. 

I’d also mention Greta Thunberg who’s made us lift our heads out of the sand on environmental issues. It is just staggering what she’s achieved at such a young age, we need more people like her in the world!

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