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The women who inspire me… Leanne Saddington

Leanne Saddington
10 March, 2021 People

Leanne Saddington – Senior Lettings Negotiator

This week kicked off with International Women’s Day, we’ve all discussed as a team how fortunate we are to work in an equal and inclusive environment, but also talked about the women who really inspire us.

As someone who grew up obsessed with the Spice Girls, I’ve always believed in the message of Girl Power. I was so excited at the opportunity to join an inclusive team when I first met Hannah & Anne-Marie and the fact this fantastic company was started by two strong, powerful women in business is so inspiring.

It’s a breath of fresh air to work for a company that encourages independent thinking, but that also listens. I’m lucky to be surrounded by inspirational women who not only support, but also build you back up after the inevitable knock-backs that unfortunately occur from time to time. I also love that remuneration and reward is determined by hard work and ambition, rather than gender.

Thinking about women who inspire me, the Spice Girls are my obvious heroes, I saw them live three times during their 2019 tour (and they’re still fab!), Mel B and Victoria in particular for being fierce businesswomen. Meghan Markle is clearly big news for being so honest about her mental health issues, finding her voice again and refusing to be silent, but even before becoming both a member of the Royal family and a mother, was outspoken about women’s rights.

Closer to home I have to mention Kai from My Soho Times. She clearly loves this city as much as I do and has been very honest about the difficulties of working during lockdown. Her clear ambition is inspiring and her Instagram posts never fail to make me smile.

Lastly, I want to mention Daisy May Cooper who is honestly one of the funniest women in comedy and isn’t scared to speak her mind.

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