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The women who inspire me… Roberta Svile

Roberta Svile
11 March, 2021 People

Roberta Svile – Senior Lettings Negotiator

Roberta Svile joined Tavistock Bow in 2017 and since then has become a working mum. As part of our celebration of #IWD21 she shares her thoughts on working for a company founded by women and the positive and inclusive environment it has created. #internationalwomensday

“Tavistock Bow was a largely female business when I joined, this certainly had an influence on my decision to accept the role. I’ve never felt more comfortable in the workplace, and this sense of security and equality was amplified after I became a mother and returned to work following maternity leave. 

Working parents have a lot to juggle, however I quickly adapted to this new dual-role due to the enormous emotional and physical support I received from Hannah & Anne-Marie – both had young families and a shared experience. Sadly, not many employers are as supportive of new mothers, so I am truly grateful to work for such a forward-thinking and inclusive company that understands and supports the desire to progress my career whilst raising a family.

My inspirational women? I have to start with Louise Hay, the late American author and motivational speaker. She is like a grandmother that everyone ought to have, whose wisdom, kindness and love continue to inspire and help millions. 

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines from Australia is amazing, with her community of wonderful women that support and encourage each other not to give up. Performance artist Marina Abramović is another inspiration, as anyone who has ever seen at least one of Marina’s performances will know. The purpose of art is to create an emotion, and the emotions experienced during Marina’s performances definitely shakes your understanding of life and the things that matter.

I also want to mention any working mothers that deal with the pressures of juggling family and work-life, it is possible to do both and succeed (although I’m not saying it’s easy!)”

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